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Phlebectomy (phlebo = vein, ectomy = removal) is a surgical procedure that refers to the removal of a vein. It is a procedure in which large varicose vein branches are removed through multiple tiny punctures under local anesthesia with the use of special hook instruments. Phlebectomy hooks enable venous extraction through minimal skin incisions (1-3 mm) or even needle punctures, assuring complete and definite eradication of the veins. Using only a needle, small punctures are made no larger than a pin head and because varicose veins have the consistency of spaghetti, even large veins may be removed through these tiny punctures. These very tiny wounds require no stitches and when healed they leave no visible mark.

The major advantages of phlebectomy are the disappearance of large varicose veins with excellent cosmetic results and relief of symptoms. This procedure is performed safely at The Indiana Vein and Laser Center in our state-of-the-art office setting under local anesthesia.